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Mohammad Amin Mosayebi
CTO at Misa Informatics

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Mohammad Amin Mosayebi



My Career

8 Years Experience

2014 - Present Misa Informatics

2012 - 2014 Misa Informatics

2012 - Present Misa Informatics
Web Developer

2010 - 2012 Atys
Web Developer

2009 - 2014 EmamJavad Highschool
Robotic team Mentor

More than 4 years of leading and teaching programming and electronics to students. 2nd place in IranOpen 2009. 1st place in Robocup 2009 Austria. 3rd place in IranOpen 2012. 3rd place in robocup Mexico. 1st place in Robocup Mexico. 3rd place in IranOpen 2014. 1st place in Robocup 2014 Brazil and ... . I've got brilliant result educationally here.

2011 - 2013 Noavar Highschool
Robotic team Mentor

2 years of leading and teaching electronics and programming to girl students. I've got good result in this school educationally but no official results in official robotic matches.

2014 - 2016 Salam Highschool
Robotic team Mentor

Second place in Iran Open 2016 in both junior soccer leagues. After quitting EmamJavad highschool, I moved all I had (Resume, Experience, Former students and present mentors, Technics and ...) from Emamjavad Highschool to here. 2 years of forming a Robotic friendly culture in school and gaining school trust finally paied off.

2012 - 2013 Salam Highschool
Robotic team Mentor

1 year of leading students to design and build junior soccer robots. I've got good result educationally here too but no results in official matches.